Since co-founding Stackhouse Garber Associates with Cannon Garber in 1987, Brad has used his talents, dynamic ability to influence others, and broad expertise in all facets of organizational development to bring about significant improvements in efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 clients.

Prior to this, Brad held management, sales and marketing positions in several Canadian financial institutions for over 10 years, including Regional Vice President for Canada's largest trust company. Thereafter, Brad was co-founder of the Performance Management Group and, in the USA, Vice President of Leadership Technologies of Los Angeles. Brad has also acted as a consultant for Wilson Learning. Brad attended the University of Toronto where he pursued graduate studies in marketing.

Throughout his career, Brad has developed and facilitated a wide range of high-impact learning programs in the areas of Leading, Teaming, and Selling. He is retained regularly as a coach to senior executives in their efforts to forge new business alliances both within and beyond their client organizations. Brad has advised executives at such leading companies as IBM, Accenture, Hoffman-LaRoche, US Trust Company, Agfa, Fleet Bank and Honeywell (Allied Signal). He has guided numerous executive committees through comprehensive strategic alignment processes, resulting in breakthrough improvements in growth and profitability.