Cadence Consulting helps organizations create strategic focus and alignment, and develop the leadership, teamwork, structure, processes, capabilities, and culture to drive real, measurable results.

We help our clients design a compelling future. We help them confront the unvarnished truth about their current situation. And we help them identify what must be done to close the gap.

We do it in accelerated, high-involvement ways that fuel deep commitment throughout your organization. We know that when you get the right people in the room, ask them the right questions, and give them the right environment and tools to engage in spirited dialogue, they will find ways to achieve extraordinary results.

We work with small and mid-sized organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

In the for-profit sector, we prefer to work with companies that are committed to principles of socially-responsible business, balancing financial
performance with the interests of their customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, the communities in which they operate, and their environmental impact.

In the non-profit sector, we work with boards and senior leadership teams to craft new organizational strategy and funding/development strategy. We are also called on to serve in the capacity of interim Executive Director to ensure a smooth transition to new senior leadership.