Depending upon where your organization is in its development, you may either have a well-established performance management process or be looking for ways to implement one.  We have experience helping to create new or modify existing performance management systems.

Our approach to performance management processes and systems is based on the following premises:

  • When properly integrated with your business strategy, performance management can and must be an essential tool for achieving your strategic goals.
  • Performance appraisal must provide clear, relevant, and actionable feedback for development.

You may already have a system in place, which may also be tied to an integrated HR planning system.  We can help you to identify what you assess, and ultimately, what you track in the system and reward in the organization.  On the other hand, it may be time to take your current performance management approach to the next level and create a more systemic process that is directly tied into your business strategy.  We can help you identify what you want and need from such a system by helping you translate your strategic goals into performance expectations, and measure and reward strategic performance.

Even when you are clear about what needs to be assessed, and have an effective performance management system, our experience shows that few managers are comfortable with, or effective at, giving honest feedback. Many are even more lost at sea when it comes to providing developmental coaching to those who need it.  Our experience in this area is extensive.  We can custom develop a 360 degree assessment process that offers more useful data and makes appraisal more objective.  We can also guide you in the use of generic and customizable 360 instruments that could reduce your expenses.  In addition, whether we use our own appraisal instrument, one you already have, or one from another source, we can provide resource guides to support your employees in developing key competencies.  We also offer training and coaching services to help your managers deliver clear, actionable feedback.