Our approach to strategy development is different from that of other consultants. We don't come in, do the analysis, decide what your strategy should be, and leave you with a report filled with recommendations.

We believe that, while there's a role for subject matter experts, an over-reliance on outsiders usually results in a strategy that is theirs; not yours. And that almost always means less ownership of the strategy and implementation process.

We also know that when the right people are intensely involved in creating their own strategy, they become passionate about it and deeply committed to its success.

Our approach is to facilitate a highly engaging strategy development process that taps into the collective intelligence, experience and passion of the senior leadership team and others that they choose to bring into the process.

The result is a powerful, implementable strategy that drives real value, pride, and commitment. People tell us that they come away with a much deeper understanding of their business because of the thought-provoking conversations they have during the process.