Barry Felson has a strong background in strategy facilitation, leadership and team development, conflict resolution and executive coaching. He works with leadership teams who want to create strategic alignment in their business, helping them redefine their strategic direction, and build the team and individual capacity to lead and align their organization within that new business context.

Barry's facilitation and coaching skills help leadership teams and individual leaders explore their current situation and its consequences, discover new options, and achieve meaningful results. His calm, reflective style and comfort with conflict allows him to listen deeply, ask probing and provocative questions, and reframe perspectives.

Barry began his career in the high tech sector, with 9 years in sales, customer service and management. During more than 20 years of consulting, coaching and training, he has worked in the high tech, financial services, management consulting, transportation, manufacturing, and resources sectors. Barry also served on the faculty of York University's Division of Executive Development (Toronto, Ontario) and the Banff Centre for Management (Banff, Alberta).

Barry is passionate about working with leadership teams that value clarity, integrity, results, passion and pride, where people are open to engaging in meaningful dialogue, challenging assumptions and exploring new possibilities.
He prefers working with companies that are committed to principles of socially-responsible business, balancing financial performance with the needs of their customers, employees, shareholders, the communities in which they operate, and their environmental impact.