Critical selection decisions - those decisions that have major impact on your ability to drive your strategic business model, deliver on your value proposition and meet your strategic objectives - are often made with limited information, particularly if you are hiring from outside. The consequences of a bad decision can be very damaging, and recovering from one can be very expensive and time-consuming.

We help you make high quality decisions in two ways, by:
  • Working with you to identify the job skills and personal attributes that differentiate between average and outstanding performance in your organization.
  • Designing hiring and selection interview processes that target critical capabilities.

Your business is unique. So are the people you have in place. Whether successfully implementing your strategy requires promoting from within or hiring from the outside, you need to be sure the person you are selecting for the job has the experience and capabilities needed to add genuine value to your team. We work with you first to identify not just the job skills, but also the more difficult-to-assess motives and competencies needed. Then we help you take inventory of your bench strength (who you already have or could quickly develop) given the resources you have in place, and what's missing. Our experience working in a variety of industries and organizations at different stages of development informs our assessment of what may be missing that you may not have considered yet. We help you identify not just your current hiring and selection needs, but those required for your future success as well. The end product of this work is a job-task analysis and inventory, as well as a model of the capabilities and personal attributes to look for in successful candidates.

Selection can be particularly challenging if you are hiring from outside, as you will probably have very limited information upon which to base critical hiring decisions. Being clear on key job skills and personal attributes is essential, but not enough. This is where our experience in designing and conducting structured and semi-structured Behavioral Event selection interviews is invaluable. We teach your key people our interview process, which will give your organization objective data upon which to compare candidates. Our process has been particularly well-accepted in large organizations where internal candidate pools from within and outside the hiring department are available. In these circumstances, it is often perceived that it is "who you know, not what you know" that forms the basis of selection decisions, and an objective, non-political method is critical to both the integrity of the process and the quality of the decision.