To assure your success, our role shifts to supporting your leadership team in moving the organization forward in its new strategic direction, helping you maintain momentum, continue to learn along the way, and keep your passion and commitment alive, through:
  • Customized development and coaching that strengthens both the leadership team and individual leaders; and
  • Quarterly check-ups the track your progress against the goals of your business scorecard as well as the changes you decide you must make in how the leadership team works.

We also support your departmental/work group level, helping them to:
  • Understand the role that they play in the overall strategy;
  • Develop measurable sub-goals for their own area that support the overall goals of your business scorecard;
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the current situation in their own area;
  • Determine what changes in processes, structure and culture need to be made in their area of the business to achieve their goals; and
  • Develop an implementation plan for their area, with a clear timeline and well-defined roles and responsibilities.

Finally, we work with you to assess and the develop the capabilities you will need to successfully implement your strategy. These are the competencies, skills, and knowledge your leadership team and your entire workforce must have in order to execute your business strategy and perform to your organization’s potential. Critical capabilities will vary depending on your organization’s strategic business model and value proposition.  Once you are clear about your business focus and how to structure and align your organization to achieve the results you need, you’re ready to identify the capabilities required to do the work.  Being clear on the capability requirements of key job positions enables you to hire, develop, and assess based on clear and relevant performance standards.  Implementing capability-based tools makes hiring, performance assessment, and succession planning more objective, less political, and more focused on the actual job requirements of your business.

Our approach to capability development begins with your business strategy and ends with the implementation of tools and processes required to measure and develop the competencies and skills needed to reach your goals.  Depending on your organization’s needs, we either custom-develop competency models for key strategic positions or use well-researched generic models, and then work with you to develop measurable, capability-based implementation strategies for:

  • Selection: identifying job requirements and interviewing frameworks for strategic positions.
  • Performance management: assessing performance against job competencies, creating focused development plans and developing coaching capabilities.
  • Succession planning: assessing next-generation requirements, current bench strength to identify key next-generation individuals to be developed, along with their developmental needs.
  • Organization-wide capability development: assessing needs and curriculum design for general capability development.