Each Strategic Business Model must be supported by the right kind of structure, business processes, and culture.

While aligning your structure, business processes and culture is critical, alignment is also about engaging your people in the process of bringing your strategy to life. Our next steps ensure that this alignment takes place.

Alignment begins early, while you're developing the first draft of your strategic focus. We bring managers and key influencers together with the senior leadership team to provide feedback and input on that draft.

It continues when each member of your senior leadership team presents the fine-tuned strategic focus to all the managers and employees in their area. This gives people a close-up look - not just at the strategy, but also at the process used to develop it, the assumptions and information it is based on, and implications for the company as a whole. They also begin to understand the implications for their own area and role.

We then bring the managers and key influencers together again for a deep dive into the
key issues linked to the strategy.

Their thinking is used as input to the next senior leadership team working session. This meeting gives the team the opportunity to pause, reflect on the work that has been done to date, and then identify those areas in which strong results will ensure successful company performance. If any of these critical success factors is missed, the company will not succeed, even if all the others are achieved. The senior leadership team decides on the mechanisms they will use to pay constant and careful attention to them.

Our focus then turns to the departmental or work team level, working with intact teams to deepen their understanding of the implications of the new strategy for their individual roles and responsibilities, the structure of their department or work team, their work processes, and their culture.